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Fruit Jellies

We are a leading Manufacturer of fruit jelly candy from Mumbai, India.

Fruit Jelly Candy

Fruit Jelly Candy
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Product Details:
Citric Acid2 g
FlavourOrange, Mango etc.
Shelf Life6-12 Months
Packaging TypePacket
Packaging Size1 Kg

Fruit jelly candy, often known as fruit jellies or fruit gummies, are chewy, gelatin-based candies flavored with fruit juice or fruit puree. They come in various shapes, colors, and flavors, appealing to both kids and adults.

These candies are made using ingredients like:

  1. Gelatin or Pectin: These act as gelling agents, giving the candy its chewy texture.

  2. Fruit Juices or Purees: These provide the fruity flavors and often determine the variety of flavors available.

  3. Sugar or Sweeteners: To sweeten the candy mixture.

  4. Acidulants: Citric acid or other acids may be added for a slightly tart taste or to balance the sweetness.

  5. Colorings and Flavorings: Artificial or natural colorings and flavorings are added to enhance the appearance and taste of the candies.

Production Process:

The process of making fruit jelly candy involves several steps:

  1. Preparation of Candy Base: Gelatin or pectin is mixed with water and heated. Sugar, fruit juice or puree, and other flavorings are added to the mixture, which is then boiled and stirred until it reaches the desired consistency.

  2. Molding: The hot candy mixture is poured into molds or trays of different shapes and sizes.

  3. Cooling and Setting: The candy is left to cool and set at room temperature or in a controlled environment to achieve the desired chewy texture.

  4. Packaging: Once set, the candies are removed from the molds, inspected, and packaged for distribution and sale.

Varieties and Flavors:

Fruit jelly candies come in a wide array of flavors, such as strawberry, orange, lemon, cherry, grape, apple, and more. They can also be shaped like animals, fruits, or other fun shapes, making them visually appealing.

These candies are popular for their chewy texture, vibrant colors, and fruity taste. They're often enjoyed as a standalone sweet treat or used as toppings for desserts, incorporated into trail mixes, or packed into lunchboxes as a snack.

Remember, the specific ingredients and processes might vary between manufacturers, resulting in differences in taste, texture, and quality among different brands of fruit jelly candies.

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